Providing Food Security

STAND4 is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing food insecurity, other basic needs, and educational deficiencies that plague residents of low-income communities. Partnering with churches, schools, local community organizations, faith-based groups to delivers resources and services directly to those in need.

STAND4 was formed to continue and expand the efforts of the Fight the Hate Ministry, which was started in 2016 as a response to youth and young adults from churches across the northern California Bay Area who were seeking to address social issues plaguing their communities.  The effort has expanded to include people of all ages and different socio-economic, racial, and denominational backgrounds. STAND4’s mission is to support, work with and provide resources and services to low-income families in underserved communities and other vulnerable groups, including at-risk youth, the unsheltered, formerly incarcerated, victims of domestic violence, victims of natural disasters, and victims of sex trafficking, implementing innovative and sustainable solutions to the social problems observed among underserved and vulnerable groups in our communities, and acting as a coordinator and facilitator for faith based groups, nonprofit organizations, and private and civic entities with the aim of improving the lives of people impacted by poverty and discriminatio

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