Leadership Training

Leadership Training

STAND4 INC is committed to providing opportunities for individuals to learn basic job and leader skills that can help students, adults and senior find meaning and purpose in their lives. Through our partnership with award winning schools and industry leaders, we also provide education and training programs that gives students innovative, leadership skills that will give them an advantage in college preparation and the workforce.

Providing opportunities to learn basic job skills
• Provide Leadership opportunities for high school students

Our discipleship program has a simple yet powerful mission; To create opportunities for students, corporate entities and communities to engage in relevant and meaningful outreach, that will help, support and improve the lives of individuals and families that experiencing poverty and discrimination. Through strong partnerships and collaboration, we STAND4 our communities together, to help bridge the equity gap and create opportunities for individuals and families to work their way out of the generational cycle of poverty.


The incredible students from Blach Middle School in Los Altos CA, have a huge heart for serving the community. This passion led them to start their own outreach club called ‘Blach Gives Back’ (BGB).  On a bimonthly basis, STAND4 provides the students with an opportunity develop and practice their leadership skills as they engage in relevant and meaningful outreach.

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