STAND4 is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing food insecurity, other basic needs, and educational deficiencies that plague residents of low-income communities. Partnering with churches, schools, local community organizations, faith-based groups to delivers resources and services directly to those in need.

STAND4 was formed to continue and expand the efforts of the Fight the Hate Ministry, which was started in 2016 as a response to youth and young adults from churches across the northern California Bay Area who were seeking to address social issues plaguing their communities.  The effort has expanded to include people of all ages and different socio-economic, racial, and denominational backgrounds. STAND4’s mission is to support, work with and provide resources and services to low-income families in underserved communities and other vulnerable groups, including at-risk youth, the unsheltered, formerly incarcerated, victims of domestic violence, victims of natural disasters, and victims of sex trafficking, implementing innovative and sustainable solutions to the social problems observed among underserved and vulnerable groups in our communities, and acting as a coordinator and facilitator for faith based groups, nonprofit organizations, and private and civic entities with the aim of improving the lives of people impacted by poverty and discrimination.

Mission Goal

Our mission is; to provide food, essential resources, and services to low-income and minority families, the unstably housed, the unsheltered, refugees, at-risk youth, victims of domestic violence, and other vulnerable groups.

To implement innovative and sustainable solutions to the social problems observed among underserved and vulnerable groups in our communities; to restore the imbalance we see in human relationships with the hope of healing our nation, one community at a time.

To act as a coordinator and facilitator for faith-based groups, nonprofit organizations, schools, and private and civic entities, with the aim of improving the lives of those impacted by poverty and discrimination.

Our Impact

One of STAND4’s primary initiatives involves collaborating with schools, faith-based groups, nonprofits, and public and private entities to address food insecurity caused by COVID-19 in nine cities across Santa Clara and San Mateo County. STAND4 and its predecessor, the unincorporated volunteer effort called “Fight the Hate Ministry,” have provided over 80,000 bags and boxes of free groceries to families in need since the beginning of ‘shelter in place.’

STAND4 remains committed to providing food security across four northern California cities. Our aim is to move beyond food distribution and address the social issues synonymous with food insecurity, including poor education and poor health. 

In addition STAND4 has entered into collaborative arrangements with several nonprofit organizations, including the River of Life Foundation, MidPen Housing Corporation, and City Team-Grace Village, San Jose, and New Creation Transitional home to distribute furnishings and essential household items to low-income families and families in crisis including refugees and those impacted by natural disasters. This change effort supports people transitioning into permanent housing or transitional housing. It also supports rehabilitation services for women and children recovering from the trauma of domestic violence, homelessness, substance and sexual abuse.

Building Community

Our discipleship program attracts and engages a diverse community of individuals, predominantly from, but not limited to, the Bay Area, by creating opportunities for young people and adults to engage in relevant and purposeful Christian ministry and outreach. This community includes students, adults and families from across the social and cultural spectrum, including individuals from low-income families and diverse urban communities. Our objective is to provide a safe, non-judgmental space of love and empowerment for people of all ages seeking to make a difference in their communities and find purpose in their lives. 

What We Stand 4


Our community food and resource security programs are a critical component of STAND4 mission. By providing these services to vulnerable, Low income and minority clients, we aim to help those who are most vulnerable gain access to resources and services which will help individuals and families start to build a foundation for success.

Providing essential resources for:
• Low income families
• Minority groups
• Refugees
• Victims of domestic violence
• The unstably housed
• The unsheltered
• Homeless pregnant/single women


STAND4 INC is committed to training and preparing individuals for the work place by providing basic job skills that can help both adults and seniors re-enter the work force. Through our partnership with industry leaders, we also provide cutting edge education and training programs that prepares students with innovative, leadership skills that will give them an advantage in the workforce.

• Providing basic job skills
• Provide Leadership opportunities for high school students
• Provide sponsorship to help train vulnerable women in jobs skill, allowing them to finically support their families.


Our plan to collaborate with existing agencies that are working towards ending homeless will allow us to

• STAND4 the Unsheltered
• STAND4 the Marginalized
• STAND4 the Victims of domestic violence


1 in 4 people in the US experience food insecurity. STAND4 INC remains committed to providing food assistance to individuals and families experiencing food insecurity in the Silicon Valley and beyond. We are dedicated to providing regular free healthy nutritious food to help families in crisis who are struggling to make ends meet. Our aim is to move beyond food distribution, to address the social issues that are synonymous with food insecurity, including poor education and poor health.

• 14 distribution sites in 9 cites since ‘Shelter in Place’

• Over 80,000 bags and boxes free groceries distributed.

• Providing food to feed up to 320,000 people.

• Currently distributing in 4 cities

• Currently distributing food to feed up to 6,560 people/month 

• Providing food to feed up to 350 +/week unsheltered people


Our discipleship program has a simple yet powerful mission; To create opportunities for students, corporate entities and communities to engage in relevant and meaningful outreach, that will help, support and improve the lives of individuals and families that experience hunger, homelessness, and to support those who are denied access to essential services and resources. Through strong partnerships and collaboration, we can STAND4 our communities together to help bridge the equity gap and create opportunities for individuals and families to work their way out of the generational cycle of poverty.

Providing opportunities to engage schools, churches and communities in meaningful, relevant, outreach programs.


Take Action!

Our communities all around us, both local and abroad are facing countless challenges. The biggest challenge for our organization and for everyone who isn't indifferent is connecting the right resources with people who are in need. You can make a difference! Help us change the situation.

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