Operation Appreciation

OUR FIRST MISSION: To deliver thank you cards and gifts to police officers and fire fighters to show our appreciation for their selfless service in our community. Just under 100 youth and young adults in groups of  10-15, headed out to complete their  first mission; 

THE OBJECTIVE: To show and spread God’s love in a practical, tangible way. To make connections and build relationships with these agencies, in the hope that we can collaborate with them in identifying social issues in our communities and work together with them on future outreach projects. 

The 90+ youth and young adults that took part were split into groups of 10-15, then headed out to complete the first mission. It was so awesome to see such enthusiasm for God’s work. The feedback we received from police officers, fire fighters and our young people was so very positive.

A fire has been ignited in hearts of our young people in the Bay Area. Praise God!! Please keep our young people and this ministry in prayers.

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