Janet Abbey

CEO and Founder

Address: P.O. Box 319408 Mountain View, CA 94039
Brief info

Janet Abbey is the Founder and Director of Fight the Hate Ministry. She was born and raised in England, UK and has been active in ministries both in and outside of the church all her adult life. In 2002 Janet founded an organization called ‘Inspired’. It’s objective was to support and mentor young people with behavioral problems, who had been excluded from the public school system. Before leaving England Janet was employed in a public school as a advocate for children with learning differences.

In 2011 Janet and her family relocated to California. After four years of serving as the director of children, youth and young adult ministries at Mountain View Central Church, Janet responded to the heavy burden, God had placed on her heart, to develop a collaborative ministry that could unite the strengths, talents and resources of young adults leaders and pastors from churches across the Central California Conference. The vision she has for fight the Hate is give young people both a voice and a purpose.

Janet say’s “It is overwhelming to see just how God has had his hand on this ministry. The numerous doors God has opened for us and work we have been able to in our churches and community has given us all have a better understanding of the nature of God heart.”

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